Leaving Mattermark & What’s Next

Andy Sparks

October 5th was my last day at Mattermark.

The decision to leave the company I co-founded just shy of four years ago with Danielle and Kevin Morrill was not an easy one, but I am confident it was the right one.

When we first broached the topic, I took a couple days off to think and speak with friends, family, and mentors.¹ Even after we made the decision, Danielle, Kevin, and I went back and forth. We even had a tear-filled backpedal at Cigar Bar where we decided staying was better before we decided leaving was the best option. Co-founder departures have a tendency to get messy, but I’m proud to leave the company on great terms and remain thoroughly bullish on its future.

So what now?

About 36 hours after leaving Mattermark, I started to get restless. In the process of figuring out my next move, I’ve spent the last month digging into different industries and trying to learn as much as possible. After researching things like CRISPR, clean water, solar power, and more, I found that it’s quite challenging to quickly discover the basic content on industries and technologies. For that reason, I’m going to spend the next few weeks playing around with how to make this easier. The first topic I’m going to tackle is CRISPR. I’ll be publishing the result next Tuesday.

Thanks to Alex Wilhelm, Ben Gilbert, Danielle Morrill, Eric Kerr, Nils Root, Sam DeBrule, Travis Hedge and Zach Boerger for editing drafts of this post.

¹ Thank you Ben Gilbert, Bill Babeaux, Brad Feld, Brett Northart, Carrie Phillips, Christian Long, Christina Harbridge, Dad, Danielle, Emily, Eric Kerr, Jeff Harper, Kevin, Khalid Halim, Mom, Nils Root, Peter Wooster, Rafael Corrales, Samiur Rahman, Travis Hedge, & Zach Boerger for putting up with my crazy during all that.

Thanks to Nils Root

Andy Sparks

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I like my beer cold, conversation challenging, and work fulfilling. Aún aprendo. Buckeye. Current: Co-Founder & CEO, Holloway. Past: Co-Founder, Mattermark.

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