Slow down for the real work

Image Credit: Kalen Emsley

For as much as I love to write, I haven’t ever sat down to write on my birthday. Today, I want to get it over with. Every other day of the year, though, writing feels like cheating. Slowing down to wholly understand a thought, what it means, or what it might too often feel like it isn’t “real work.”

“Real work” is getting to inbox zero, completing a deliverable, moving Trello boards around, and having meetings, right? The truth is, often times those things are real work and sometimes they’re things we do to avoid the hard thing stuff.

The gnawing anxiety over a conversation or the fluttering wings of a new idea begging to be paid attention to — these things clamor for us to slow down and think them through. They deserve our attention but need it in volumes. Thinking an idea through and writing a well-articulated argument for why you should say this or that, go here or there, do this nor or wait for later, is the real work.

🎉 🍻 ❤️ — Andy

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