Who are the linchpins, givers, and people like Brian in your life?

Photo Credit: Artur Rutkowski

My Dentist’s name is Dr. Brian Baliwas. If you live in San Francisco, you should see him (seriously). We could all learn something from Brian’s approach. Brian is exceptionally good at what he does, and I know a thing or two about dentists.

In high school, I lifeguarded at the local YMCA. The snack bar gave us free soda, and I took advantage of it by drinking Mountain Dew eight hours a day for up to fifty hours a week in the sun. By the time I finished college, let’s just say I had seen a lot of dentists.

The first thing you notice about Brian and his practice is that everyone seems to enjoy coming to work. Regardless of whether they do, you feel like you’re with happy people. Not just that, you almost never wait longer than a few minutes.

Brian doesn’t make his office feel like a factory that’s churning out patient after patient as fast as possible. He and his staff take extra time to explain everything they’re doing. When there’s some work that isn’t necessary, but could be done, Brian pushes his patients to wait until the end of the year make sure they have enough insurance to cover any unforeseen expenses between then and now.

Whether I’m choosing a bookkeeper or law firm for my company or whether it’s a new doctor, I always am looking for people like Brian. Seth Godin calls these people Linchpins. Adam Grant calls them Givers. Whatever field they’re in, they make you smile, help you understand the insider nuances you’ll miss as an outsider, and fight for your best interests.

Who are the Linchpins, Givers, and people like Brian in your life?

🎉 🍻 ❤️ — Andy

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