7 Things That You Do Not Know About Kumari Kandam

Is Kumari Kandam Atlantis?

No, there has been a lot of speculation and articles on this. This is an article that is written in our blog Kumari Kandam. You can find the Kumari Kandam Map below

Kumari Kandam Map

Introduction to Kumari Kandam

Kumari Kandam or Lemuria alludes to a lost sub-landmass in the Indian sea. Lemuria landmass hypothesis was proposed in the late nineteenth century and this was received by Tamil Pentecostals back in the twentieth century. In any case, Lemuria idea was later dropped for some obscure reasons in the wake of connecting it to the mainland float hypothesis.

The vast majority know about the tale of Atlantis, the incredible depressed city as depicted by the old Greek savant Plato. Till this day, the feeling is as yet isolated about whether this story ought to be seen truly or taken only as an ethical quality story.

Further east in the subcontinent of India is a comparative story, however, it presumably is less outstanding contrasted with that of Atlantis. This is the ‘lost landmass’ of Lemuria, every now and again associated with the legend of Kumari Kandam by speakers of the Tamil dialect.

The term Lemuria has its starting points in the last piece of the 19th century. The English geologist Philip Sclater was confounded by the nearness of lemur fossils in Madagascar and India yet not in terrain Africa and the Middle East.

Origin of Kumari Kandam

We all knew that the origin of the Tamilians and their culture is kept in deep mystery. Though there are many traditions written in early literature, “Kumari Kandam”, the land that lay to the south of India and, which later submerged in the Indian Ocean, has been a matter of conjecture for a study by scholars.

With the development of the cutting edge ideas of mainland float and plate tectonics, nonetheless, Sclater’s recommendation of a submerged landmass was never again legitimate.

However, the possibility of a lost landmass declined to pass on, some still trust that Kumari Kandam was a genuine mainland that existed before.

Term Lemuria was first coined by Sclater in 1864. He was a zoologist. The existence of primates in Madagascar and India and the absence of the same in Africa and the Middle East puzzled him.

As Continental drift theory was not yet discovered in his time, he came up with the idea of a sunken continent to answer that puzzle. He named it Lemuria.

As that theory was in support of Kumari Kandam, then Tamil scholars accepted and promoted that theory. Lemuria continent theory was bunked after the discovery of Continental drift theory.

There was once a supercontinent which split to become different continents. But it happened an awful lot of years back. Madagascar split from Indian subcontinent before 66–90 million years ago.

That’s when the current Lemurs got separated from the primates of the Indian subcontinent and evolved altogether to be a different lineage.

No humans were around that time let alone language. Even the earliest form of Homo species was not there before 2 million years ago. So there is this huge time gap of 60–70 million years after the huge continent split and before Humans evolved.

We didn’t come from a sunken continent far South. We came out of Africa.

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