The Boiling Frogs of Brexit
Stephen Parkins

Hello Frog. I am a Leave voter and I totally challenge your way of seeing things at least according to what you have written above. And I will attempt to talk to you nicely and sensibly as long as you show the same respect. I think you are totally wrong and I say this having been researching and debating this subject for a long time.

I tried to have sensible discussions with people who supported Remain before the Referendum and often THEY would refuse to discuss anything at all and walk off. Very like Gordon Brown caught calling someone a bigot. Since the referendum I have had more luck as they are beginning to realise that a lot of people disagree with them. But then I have been frequently dismayed at the shallowness with which they made a decision on voting.


Quote “I was told to vote Remain …” — a young medical student

Quote “I was told that I must vote but I don’t care about politics so I just voted for what the governement told me to vote” — a young lifeguard

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