Atlanta, Georgia Blockchain Companies

Stacey Schneider
Aug 16, 2018 · 6 min read
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To learn more about Atlanta Blockchain Week, see

Atlanta Blockchain Week aims to be the biggest blockchain event in the Southeast. It’s the first year, and this space is evolving, so we are sure to learn a lot. Be sure to follow dApp Atlanta on Twitter for more information on this upcoming event, or visit the Atlanta Blockchain Week website.

One thing I am learning is that Atlanta is a hotspot for this new technology frontier. It makes sense when you remember Atlanta has been a payments hub for years with giants like First Data, Equifax, NCR, Worldpay, FIS and Global Payments. According to the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, Georgia companies account for 70% of global payment processing.

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Since the lion share of blockchain companies operating today are squarely in the finance sector, Georgia is fertile ground for talent and innovation. That said, Georgia is also famous for movies, is building a strong reputation for healthcare, and more. Just like the whole of blockchain based companies, innovation is creeping up in all corners here in Georgia.

Here are the companies I’ve found so far operating in Georgia. This list is designed to focus on software and hardware companies only. For services companies, we’ll have to do another post!

If you’d like to follow these companies on social, dApp Atlanta created a handy list for you: GA Blockchain Companies Twitter List.

If you have more, I’ll be happy to add, just put comments in the bottom or DM me on Twitter.

  • AphidByte is an online marketplace and workspace platform for Creatives to upload and exchange files, sell products or services, and collaborate. Composers may be featured in various ways by our Media staff for promotional purposes.
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Cold Storage Coins provide a secure physical way to transfer any amount of cryptocurrency.
  • Cold Storage Coins manufactures physical coins with a unique wallet ID and laser-etched private key, concealed beneath a tamper-evident holographic film. Available in investment-grade silver, copper & gold, these coins can be made custom to any coin. With a head office in Singapore, the owner of Cold Storage Coins and the patent for the bitcoin image popular in media is in Georgia.

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