I appreciate that thought, but I still think building skill from scratch based on a niche you…

Thanks for replying. There main problem with the identifying-you-skills-first approach is that you don’t often don’t know what your skills are until you actually do the thing. Elon Musk didn’t have any skills at all in making rockets before he started SpaceX, but he knew that there was a gap in the market and that he could learn. In my case I studied engineering at school but even though I was good at that I couldn’t see an opportunity in that field. The opportunity I identified was making a magazine, which I knew little about. But I was able to persist and grow my skills, and become successful. I

Identifying your skills first also seems similar to the advice to “do something you are passionate about”. In fact, it’s much better to do something where there is a gap in the market and then become passionate about it. It’s much easier to become passionate about something when it’s successful!

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