Why I stopped using the ‘beautification' mode on my cellphone’s camera

I am a child of the 90s: born into the lap of booming technology, addiction to instantaneous gratification, and an undying obsession with perfection.

As (probably) most teens do these days, I have suffered through many years of low self-esteem and eating disorders. Luckily, I was able to work through these issues and emerge on the other side as a relatively confident and functioning adult.

However, I do have a weaknesses -I have always been self conscious about my face. See, I was not blessed with a perfect complexion nor the facial bone structure that is considered pleasing to the mainstream. So when my new smartphone arrived and I discovered that the camera had a function that could literally erase all blemishes and flaws, and shave off my chubby cheeks, I was excited. As with many 90s children, I’m a sucker for a selfie.

Suddenly, I began noticing something. On social media, the other faces were all smooth and slim too. I began to question this.

Was Nicole’s skin always so perfect? Did Sam always have such big eyes?

I don’t think so.

I realized the truth. This is what we are seeing now. This is what we are being fed on a daily basis. A dolled-up, edited, unreal version of what people really are, and we are hungrily scoffing it down.

It has become the norm for even the everyday gal to edit and manipulate her selfies for her peers. What we are putting out there is not really a true version of ourselves. But how else can we compete when everyone is doing it?

Something needs to change here. We need to start saying ‘this is me, flaws and alll, before the only thing that young and impressionable people have to compare themselves to is this airbrushed version of ourselves. We have to be brave, and we have to do it now.

I’m taking my stand by sucking it up and posting unedited photos of myself online, cheeks and all. I hope that more will do the same. Let’s stop this nonsense, before it gets out of hand and we forget what normal people look like.