11 Things You Can’t Change, So Quit Wasting Your Time Trying
Larry Kim

I’m guessing the response forum here is not meant for critique nor analysis of the information presented in this article — and I would be careful not to post something that is negative for the sake of negativity.

That being said, I just can’t help but disagree with the points made in this article. I’m not a hotshot entrepreneur nor a columnist — although I have strong career and educational goals that I’m actively working towards and achieving.

For those in a position of financial success, it is easy to talk about the “realities of life”, because in fact most of those people are far removed from those realities in a soft and quiet bubble — rarely do those individuals realize that an incredible part of their success was due to the privilege, care and love of their community, friends and colleagues ; they didn’t get there alone or on their own.

To neglect the essence of sentiment, hope and faith as non-ignorable factors in the success of the individual is to unfairly judge the outcome of an individual’s efforts by their circumstance.

To say one person can influence the world but not change it does not cohere with the evidence of history : — influence is a direct reflection of the change one brings about in the world.