Infiniti QX30 Advertisement

In a materialistic society, advertisements are crucial since it promotes various new products that consumers are willing to purchase. Due to the fact that business competitions are on the rise, marketing has become the primary route to persuade consumers to buy their products over others. One advertisement I came across was an advertisement for Infiniti QX 30. In this advertisement, there’s a blurred picture of a beautiful city with a monumental Infiniti logo near the bottom of the page. Also, the small printed words on the top states, “Introducing the first ever Infiniti QX 30. With sleek lines and aggressive handling, it is uniquely designed, for the uniquely driven”. Even though this is an automotive advertisement, there seems to be no picture of the uniquely designed car. The reason behind the absence of the photo is due to one of the appeals of advertisement, which will be later explained in this blog. This particular advertisement effectively reaches its target audience due to the various advertising techniques used such as emotional appeals, which persuades consumers to buy the uniquely designed Infiniti QX 30.

To start out with, this advertisement is based on Jung’s theory since there is a body copy of description of the uniquely designed car. As I was engaged in this advertisement, I noticed that there was an absence of the designed car. Despite the lack of the car display, the Infiniti logo is all it took to get my attention. The Infiniti logo has so much value in the society that the brand itself is basically marketing the uniquely designed car. It symbolizes a luxurious car with advanced technologies that everyone dreams of having in one’s lifetime. Another advertising technique used is the emotional appeal: the need to satisfy curiosity. After seeing this advertisement, many consumers will have many unanswered questions due to the minimal information that is given in this ad. By giving minimal information in this ad, it makes the consumers more curious about the new product and leading them to investigate further. As consumers begin researching more about the car, the consumers will soon come to a better understanding of the new design and features giving the Infiniti dealership a leverage over other automotive advertisements.

Every product that is being advertised needs to have a specific audience demographic. Following the same trend, Infinities were known to be a luxurious car that only upper class was able to afford. However, as years passed by, many of the luxurious cars have been trying to target the middle and upper class, which can maximize their revenues. This particular Infiniti advertisement is targeting the middle-class families since it is much affordable than other luxurious cars, which is limiting competitions. The starting price of the Infiniti QX 30 is around thirty thousand dollars, while a regular SUV costs around twenty-five thousand dollars. By spending five thousand dollars more, a middle-class family can enjoy a luxurious car with high advanced features. This advertisement is effectively targeting the middle and upper class by giving consumers a variety of different models that would be around one’s budget and exceed their expectations.

To the point, this Infiniti QX 30 advertisement grabs many consumers attention due to the absence of a picture leaving the customers with many questions. Due to this, many customers will be tempted to research more in depth. The consumers will soon come to a better understanding of the new unique design of the car giving the company a leverage compared to other automotive dealerships. Without this appeal, many consumers would have bypassed the advertisement making it ineffective advertisement.

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