Yeah but Iraq
Rob Francis

To Jonny Morris

I respond to your argument as one of those you typify by “total ignorance” (x2) and as “simple-minded”.

You play down Blair’s role in Iraq. I recall the debate and Parliamentary vote being massive news, invested with huge significance. Blair chose to use his oratory skills to persuade us of a case for war, aided by what he knew was weak or faulty evidence of WMD. He was the moral voice of Britain. The argument that if he had stood against an immoral war it would have happened anyhow, in no way absolves him from what he did.

Blair was not some fringe player led down a dark road by Bush. He was the closest ally in giving credence to war. He was our PM and actively gloried in being Bush’s biggest supporter. He even invoked God’s guidance in making his choices.

I can’t get past that.

But then I’m simple-minded and totally ignorant.

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