Yeah but Iraq
Rob Francis

You divide the world into two:

those who see the virtue in Blair;

those who “continue to berate Blair about Iraq today” eg me.

Then you insult us (1) and set up straw man arguments (2).

All to justify your attaching to the man who deceived Parliament and people about WMD.

Indeed your justification is almost entirely that regime change was worth whatever cost the war brought. Regime change was explicitly denied as the reason for the war.

1 droning sound, tiresome and predictable, screech “Iraq”, deluding, Blair-haters, wholly inappropriate tone, fringe element on the left

2 do not care about the Iraqi people in the slightest; gratification that their anti-war position has been validated by carnage; they co-opt the suffering of thousands of Iraqis in order to attack him; The same Iraqi people they don’t even think about now unless they can use their deaths to make a political point; They could not care less about Iraqis.