My name is only real enough to work at Facebook, not to use on the site
Zoe Cat

Deactivated for one day? Oh the horror! How will you cope?

One day is lame. It amazes me how people are under Facebook’s thumb. It’s a form of control you allow this entity to have over your life — on their terms. That’s the key point, Facebook make all the rules, then when you complain about it, the worst you do is deactivate for one lousy day. My God… 1984 is happening, but slowly, and in a different way to the book, but it’s happening. Better provide proof of your real name to keep you in line. They’re watching, they’re always watching.

Just quit Facebook. It’s a bloated, noisy, temporary eyesore and low quality forum for mostly unintelligent gossip and people trying too hard to be funny. Great for sharing new baby pics and getting stalked or stalking ex-partners. Not much else. Just close your account (if they’ll let you).

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