Dating in a Post-Tinder World, When You’re No Longer in Your 20s
Farina J. Situmorang

Observation (from a much older man):

a)the more grounded and spiritual (NOT religious) I’ve become, the >>> I’ve become repulsive & repugnant to vast majority of women. Footnote: I’ve traveled a journey of recovery (emotional/physical and sexual trauma, sourced from mother of origin), so i speak as not to condemn…but as a foot soldier who has ‘gone down the rabbit hole’ in a release/recovery and rebuilding of a male spirit.

b)Most women’s ‘peak’ is age 23. At 33 she has 50% less femininity (affection, compassion, love, ect.) to convey + 2x the baggage (bad choices in marriages relationships, work). Sadly. at age 43 the woman has lost another 50% of her femininity AND gained another 2x of ‘baggage’.

c)been off line for 16 yrs (from multiples girl friends…three of which would have been wonderful partners…but i was not capable of being what they needed at that time) while going through (above mentioned) my ‘recovery’. The clarity i see how damaged most (not all) women are is astounding. Entitlement expectations not withstanding.

d)all the best to each person and gender in their journey.

I’m sure I will receive a LOT of hate mail from narcissistic, hate filled women for my observations. Knock yourself out.

!The funnel synopsis is quite remarkable in context. Mucho congrats on evolutionary thinking.

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