This is what 2 weeks of working from home look like.

Working from home has a lot of advantages. You certainly are in charge of your working hours, you can work in your pyjamas, no need to wear a suit or a tie, no need to commute and spend valuable time in the streets.

Or something similar, you know.

As I have only started working from the comfort of my house for the past two weeks, my experience cannot easily be described, since many little things happen each day that make it unique. But there are some things that stand out so far that can be regarded as “rules”. Here they are:

I sit on my computer much much earlier than before

Wake up, take care of the kids before they leave for school, and then turn on my mac. Usually that never happened before 8:45 but now the familiar start up noise “Djiiiing” of the mac is heard as soon as 8:00.

This doesn’t mean that I start my working day at 8:00

Oh no. I get to check my social pages, read news, chat with friends, surf a little and all these kind of things, before I really get to start working. Maybe it’s because I have the feeling that I have plenty of time before me.

I eat a lot

The fridge has become my favorite spot in my house. I don’t get to leave my desk a lot, but when I do I almost always get back with something edible in my hands.

Some Moustalevria to start the day!

I never get to change clothes

Ok, not entirely true. I still try to be clean and all that, but I seem to wear the same t-shirt and pants for 3–4 days in a row. Sometimes even in my sleep. (Phew, that stinks!)

I need to get out

The first one to say “ME” when we wonder who is going to the store to buy some milk, will definitely be me! I seriously need to get out! Most of the afternoons or early evenings I will get outside for a walk or a bike ride, but nonetheless I feel that the whole day has passed without me getting out.

Wow, do we really wear so many socks???

Now that I stay home, I get to do the laundry a lot and never before had I realised how many socks we wear as a family! Damn!

Get up you lazy ass!

Yes, I spend many hours seating on my desk. I really really have to get up and stretch, walk a little and let the blood flow again. Uhmm, also have to stay away from the fridge, did I say that?

Dad, can you come here for a second?

Ok, my family has really been supportive these 2 weeks and tries not to bother me when I’m working. But kids are kids, no matter their age. Although the time of changing diapers has long long passed, they need me for various reasons. From helping them with their English lesson, to showing me their latest drawing (which is great, by the way), to presenting me with their latest Lego creation. It’s all very cute though and I wouldn’t want to miss it. But that never happens when you work in an office, away from your home desk.

“Coming!” — I gotta go, my kids call.
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