Improved fat metabolism is the biggest reason to consider fasted training, but it is not limited to weight loss.

Training for an Olympic distance triathlon was the impetuous behind me skipping breakfast after years of dogmatic acceptance as the only way to train. This was impressed upon me by high School strength coaches and I used this approach most of my life. Problem was adjusting this approach to tri training. On early morning bike rides and swims, breakfast wasn't helping my performance. When I stopped progressing with my training I looked for different means not excuses. Ditching my decades old oatmeal habit for coffee & coconut oil changed my performance in my early morning training sessions, and I haven't looked back since.

My experience mirrors what this study notes, many athletes have difficulty training on a full stomach and fasted training improves fat metabolism. One of the greatest takeaways from my experience was to be less dogmatic about nutrition. At any given time I've counted calories, marcos, perfectly timed my meals... you name it I've done it. Don't regret any of it, even the stuff that didn't work. There is no amount of scientific literature I can read to determine how my body will respond. I need real life trials to speak definitively. The truth is more complicated than this is the best diet that diet sucks. Every body is different. Different bodies will respond differently and we all don't have the same goals.

What I would definitively say is, if you aren’t happy with your current results, make a change. Challenge even your deepest held beliefs. At worst you’ll discover why you do what you already do, at best you’ll uncover what’s been holding you back.


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