“Putin’s Puppet” Advances Nuclear Missile Escalations Against Putin
Caitlin Johnstone

Does anybody remember this debate between Greenwald and Joe Cirincione. Joe Cirincione argued that sure he wants talks, but not between Trump and Putin regarding nuclear weapons. Get this, this Cirincione guy is president of the Ploughshares Fund which is a “public grantmaking foundation that supports initiatives to prevent the spread and use of nuclear weapons, and to prevent conflicts that could lead to their use.”

What utter delusion and tragic fantasy that talks cannot go on until both leaders are removed from office. Mr. Anti-Nukes is just using this a cover for his horseshit partisanship over his pimp as some crusader against nuclear weapons. In other words, we must wait for YEARS before it is okay to talk.

And now anti-nuke activist is attacking Trump for getting out of INF because cartoon villain Putin wants to develop all kinds of the nukes. To quote a tweet from Joe the anti-nuke guy: “Trump’s “solution” in dissolving the INF Treaty is effectively excusing Russian violations — not correcting them — and giving Putin free rein to deploy as many noncompliant missiles as he wants.” Of course Putin wants nukes on the border with Russia.

So what is the moral of this post? Insanity. Utter insanity that for partisan horseshit the so-called resistance and phonies like Ploughshares is willing to repopulate the world with even more fucking nukes.