Why Hillary Clinton Thrills the Hell Out of Me
America Ferrera

This is what happens what the youth of America (no pun intended) is brain-washed by mainstream news all their lives. They see bits and pieces of clips on CNN and talk shows and just eat it up. You need to replace the word “thrills” with “scares”in your title for credibility. Here are some tidbits about your drinking buddy you obviously didn’t know America…

She has literally left a trail of dead bodies before and during Bill’s tenure in the White House… from CIA agents to bodyguards that knew too much. They were called “mysterious deaths and disappearances”.

She lies about leaking top secret national security on her private phone.

She lied about Benghazi and caused countless deaths to our brave soldiers overseas to profit in money and resources.

She has raped and traumatized women during Bill’s tenure.

She has made racial remarks about African Americans and said “they should be made to heel”.

She accepts more “contributions” from big banks and corporations than all the candidates combined, then has the nerve to say “big donations shouldn’t be allowed”.

She had multiple abortions with her own children because they weren’t born a girl and Chelsea is not even really her child. She was selected basically just for show.

She will raise taxes and push her own agenda to profit from major corporations and banks because it will lace her pockets and campaigns in one way or another and it will never negatively affect her or the top 1%.

You might be a somewhat famous actress but you really don’t have a clue about who the real Hillary is. You should do some serious research instead of writing about what you “feel” or “think is right”. It really is sad and scary that so many people agree or like your post. Most of which are feminists like yourself that think “girl power” and “being strong” is cool even if it is just a front . Is girl power positive if it steals, murders, lies, basically calls a certain race dogs and is the epitome of evil? Is being strong a positive when it means overpowering the middle and lower class and getting innocent soldiers killed and causing grief to their families? Grow up and get educated please.

I’m not a sexist, I’m a millennial and I too am a part of the minority (Asian American born in NY) but if you think having a glass of wine with Hillary is cool, you might as well say “having a beer with Hitler or Mao would be cool” as well. Please don’t write anything else about how you envy Hillary before doing your due diligence and stick to acting for now… or at least act like you’ve learned enough about the witch (from real sources that can be trusted) to judge the true character of a person instead of what you assume of her.

Look, I get it… you’re too young to know or remember what happened during the Clinton administration but for goodness sake’s, use the internet to educate yourself about Hillary’s past and don’t just go by what you see on her promos, interviews on “The View” and what you read in Time magazine. I’m 34 and I’m still uncovering he truth but realize as a celebrity, you’re promoting a heartless witch that lies, cheats, murders on a regular basis and the worst part is you’re encouraging others to do the same.

Are you even aware most Americans don’t even trust CNN, FOX, ABC, etc. and most other mainstream news outlets? How could you if you yourself still do? Do you know that most banks, TV and radio stations, newspapers are all owned by the same companies? Do you know that they all regurgitate propaganda and hardly ever report news that actually benefits the masses? Do you realize you’ve been brain-washed your whole life relying on that trash?

Try watching and reading the real, unbiased news online, like SGT Report, Alex Jones, X22 report, etc. You’ll be completely shocked for a few months but if YOU ACTUALLY DO THE RESEARCH AND CROSS-REFERENCE CLIPS AND ARTICLES, you’ll see you’ve been deceived for quite some time. Your view on the world, politics, science, finances, business, military, even weather and food WILL NEVER BE THE SAME and it will likely take months, if not years to wrap your head around it. I’d rather be shell-shocked for months (and I have) and finally learn the cold, hard truth than to stay ignorant and take everything for face value from liars and the government while being gullible all my life, and so should the rest of America.

America is all messed up (pun intended) because of mainstream brain-washing, the Bush, Clinton and the Obama administrations… now you want the most evil Clinton of the pair for a minimum of 4+ years?! Put down the wine, get your knowledge of history up and WAKE UP AMERICA.

We can’t afford 4+ more years of selfish, deceitful presidents. All the candidates have pros and cons but only one of the candidates strike fear into the hearts of the globalists, that alone should be all the proof you need that Donald is America’s best shot at making this country what it used to be. FYI, if you don’t know what a globalist is, it means you have A TON of things to learn. Hate to say it but too many millennials will fall for anything… like Bernie’s “free” education, or Hillary “trying not to lie”. Don’t even get me started on Ted with his dirty tricks versus Ben Carson and his situation with prostitutes.

Question for America and all you Hillary supporters, other than being behind “feminism”, please name a single positive change she has force and you better not say “she loves the children”.

I can’t help but scoff at your comment about siding with Killary because “she cares about kids”. If she doesn’t care enough to keep her own children, deciding to have abortions just because they weren’t the sex she wanted, what makes you think she cares about children that aren’t hers? You’re so lost, I hope you and most of the other millennials find your way soon, were running out of time. God help us all.

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