The Truth about the Fork
Alex Van de Sande

Surprising that this article is so one-sided. Perhaps this would have a better home on the official Ethereum Blog? The lessons that you supposedly just learned should have been evident from years of involvement with the crypto industry. Seems your notion of democracy is perverted by the justification that the majority and central authority have command over the minority, who needs to do as they are told. Perhaps deep down EF lacks the fundamental sociological skills to pass good, moral judgements, which are in the best interests of EVERYONE involved. The fork represents nepotism and the power of despotic control, which are the very things the platform is supposed to be against. This hypocrisy of being a central authority who is against central authority is absurd. No amount of spin can change that. No amount of discussion is going to change the fact that Tual and arrogantly and unapologetically jeopardized millions of dollars worth of assets with an untested product which had no built in contingencies.

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