Certainly I get it Alan its just that you want to pretend otherwise.
Tony Greenstein

We’ve met on previous occasions (albeit many years ago and not for long) Tony, and in a discussion yesterday you appeared perfectly well aware of who I was, but ok. Suffice to say we have different issue-by-issue stances.

As to the rest of your response, you don’t seem to realise that the onus here is on you, not me. You asserted that she did these things, and you cannot prove your assertions. She on the other hand says she didn’t do them, and to my eyes she has no reasonable motive for doing so either. You went ahead and made allegations which do not have a basis in evidence, and you did so publicly. In doing so you have caused an expectant mother a lot of unnecessary distress.

As to the photos showing political allegiance, you simply have them in the wrong order. She is not in the Labour Party. She is not masquerading as a Corbyn voter. The last photo in the sequence you published is an old one.

I also note that your updated blog carries a screenshot from a third party who accuses her of feeding information to the far right. You will no doubt be aware of the potential implications of such accusations for those accused, and unless you can evidence the claim I would request that you remove that screenshot.

I would further reiterate my request that you withdraw your article, as it lacks as basis in evidence, and even in reasonable assumption in my view.

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