You know the day when the Labour Party will finally deserve to take itself seriously again? Let's call it a litmus test. It will be the day when its various ex or wannabe student politicians finally drop their fetishistic, phoney war over Israel-Palestine (a conflict in which barely a single one of them would have the guts to physically participate), and acknowledge basic realities.

1) Israel is now a fourth generation state. It is not going to vanish into the ether and neither should it. You might as well argue for the abolition of Brazil if you disagree. It has a vibrant free press which actually does a better job of attacking its own government than the UK press does. It does, nevertheless, have a government led by an ultranationalist, whose partners are off the spectrum to the right in European terms. If you want to help the left in Israel-Palestine, help the Israeli left. Otherwise in your mind you condemn a nation to ultranationalism.

2) The Palestinians have been, and are, brutally oppressed, via blockades, settlements and military occupation. They, along with other stateless nations like the Kurds, want and deserve national self determination. They further deserve better political leaders than some bunch of theocratic headbangers who last "won" an election before I was 30, or a party led by some interestingly quickly imported bloke who has spent most of his life in exile. These are the oppressed in this situation. Don't chuck them to the piranhas. Support the Palestinian left. It exists.

See. Two steps, easy. Now stop playing student games regarding your various positions on this issue which are based around arguments about figures and groups in the UK. Drop it, grow up, agree a position, and become a serious political party once more.

Should we not, Comrades?

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