Let’s unite to save humanity

The time has come for the world divided by nationalities to unite and stand shoulder-to-shoulder against its common enemy that has struck havoc and created quite a wrath in the past few decades. Yes, it is "Terrorism."

Instead of procrastinating and blaming other countries, we have to stand united and find a solution to end these "terrorists" who are so actively spreading hatred and spilling the blood of our brothers in the name of religion. These are the people who abuse God by killing in his name. We have all learned that "We are the children of God" and "God is one." So will God ever provoke his children to kill their brothers and fill the world with hatred? Never. Their motive is to divide us all and make us fight against each other. They have already spread a lot of hate around us, but how long will we let them achieve their goals? It is high time for us to make a united front and shatter their efforts by spreading love and rekindling the flickering spirit of brotherhood.

In the wake of the disasters in Pulwama, I know that most of us have our blood boiling for avenging the death of our heroes. But is war a peaceful answer to this? No. War can never be a gentle answer, and it comes with a heavy price and a lot of bloodshed from both sides. The loss of a single life is heartbreaking, and we have already lost almost 50 precious lives. Can we afford to lose more? It is time for us to put behind our religious and national differences and come together as human beings to save humanity. The most potent weapon that we can possess is our unity.

Every human being should take up the responsibility to stand against these mass murderers, and if we all stand against them, then we can bloody hell outnumber them and destroy them. It has never been a battle between two countries. Neither is this war restricted to only the borders. It is a war against the peace and safety of the world as a whole, and we can not allow the repeated death of our Bravehearts.

We all have to come together and stand as a force against terrorism. We have to choose our leaders who’ll represent us and express our views internationally. These cruel acts are a threat to the safety of humanity, and this can only be solved when all countries put their differences aside and put their heads together to decide and find a way together to eliminate these anti-social people and free the world from terror. Not giving any aid to the terrorists and exposing them is the only way to bring them down. Not supporting any terror activities and flushing out all the miscreants from their hideouts with global help is just what is needed to be done by every nation.

For the time being, we must all forget about the borders that separate the countries and remember the only ideology that binds us together; that is the prominent border that differentiates our core values from those murderers who are waging war. It is the time to plan and act together. Terrorism is a global challenge, and the only way of facing it is by showing global unity.

An amateur attempt towards speaking up the most profound and purest thoughts trapped in the labyrinth of mind!