Let’s unite to save humanity

The time has come for the world divided by nationalities to unite and stand shoulder-to-shoulder against its common enemy that has struck havoc and created quite a wrath in the past few decades. Yes, it is "Terrorism."

Instead of procrastinating and blaming other countries, we have to stand united and find a solution to end these "terrorists" who are so actively spreading hatred and spilling the blood of our brothers in the name of religion. These are the people who abuse God by killing in his name. We have all learned that "We are the…

Distanced by more than a mere barbed wire!

The life on the other side of the barbed wire has always fascinated me. What is it like to be on the other side of the border? What is it like to be a citizen of the country on the other side of the barbed wire? What is it like to be a member of the other country with which we share the same history? Talking about history, do they read the same history textbooks that we have read in school? Do they read about the same freedom struggle that our forefathers…

And then there are memories that always make you smile!

One fine day, years later, you cross paths with him again. You look at him and can’t help noticing how his eyes still shine the same and how the corner of his lips still curl in that old childish way when he smiles at you. For a moment, you get fixated on that spot and wonder whether you have traveled back in time. You even start wondering whether you are in the middle of a dream that you had dreamt years ago. But then you notice how lines have started…

The most bumpy roads often lead to the most beautiful destinations!

Looking back at this day a year ago, I can see a girl smiling her most satisfied smile. Yes, she has made it. While it might not be a significant achievement to the world, it was indeed a great leap for her. A year's hard work has culminated into what she desired the most- a change of environment, giving her a new lease in life. Although it was a significant career-high, she viewed it as an escape. …

Speak Up!

An amateur attempt towards speaking up the most profound and purest thoughts trapped in the labyrinth of mind!

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