15 Ways to Fake It Till You Make It (How To Project Confidence Even If You Don’t Feel It)

15 Ways to Project Your Confidence

Check out some simple ways to project confidence. Even if you aren’t feeling it, you can project it like you are.

Tip #1 — Power Pose

Do you have your superhero pose ready? No, you don’t have to put your fist on your hips. But you do have to stand tall.

Tip #2 — Focus on What You Already Know

Next, remember why you’re awesome. When you feel your confidence flagging, go and do something you’re great at. Or simply remind yourself about how great you are at them.

Tip #3 — Maintain Eye Contact

The eyes are the windows to the soul. And maintaining eye contact speaks volumes about your confidence.

Tip #4 — Play with Voice Projection

Voice projection is a speaker’s greatest trick. Think of the greatest orators in history. They certainly didn’t mumble or pull back.

Tip #5 — Dress Like a Power Player

You may hear that you should dress for the job you want, not the job you have. This is a power play that helps boost your confidence levels. But it works in different situations, too.

Tip #6 — Smile! Everyone’s Watching

People perceive confidence as friendly and positive. Even when you don’t feel like it, try cracking a smile.

Tip #7 — Get Your Superhero Playlist Queued

Music has the power to influence moods. But if you’re feeling a little down, you may not want to queue up your favourite power tunes.

Tip #8 — Practice Mindful Breathing

Mindful slow breathing isn’t just for yoga classes. Slowing your breathing can help slow your heart rate.

Tip #9 — Loosen Up — Your Jaws and Shoulders, That Is!

Another way to exude confidence is to loosen up your jaws and shoulders. Consciously making the decision to loosen up these target areas can help decrease anxiety and boost confidence.

Tip #10 — Be an Empathetic Listener

Confident people tend to be good, empathetic listeners. They’re secure in themselves and the conversation.

Tip #11 — Write Down and Remind Yourself About Victory Moments

Are there specific moments when you felt the most confident? Write them down! Don’t just forget about them.

Tip #12 — Act as If You’re the Most Qualified Person in the Room

Imagine how many times a lack of self-confidence kept you from potential opportunities. Maybe you held back because you thought you weren’t that qualified?

Tip #13 — Cover That Uncomfortable Feeling with Questions

Does the idea of being in the social spotlight fill you with anxiety? Don’t run away from the situation. Instead, turn the spotlight onto someone else.

Tip #14 — Accept All Compliments

Accepting compliments graciously is a trait that all confident people possess. Don’t deflect compliments by pointing out your faults or turning it around.

Tip #15 — Focus on the Learning Experience and Enjoy the Process

If you’re in the process of faking it until you have confidence, failure may be a struggle. You may think, “If I was truly competent, I wouldn’t have failed.”

Fake Confidence Until You Own It

Confidence automatically helps you become a more credible speaker. People are more eager to listen to your words if you project confidence.

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Speakers Institute

We are the incubator of speaker talent with the ability to transform your message into a powerful and commercial message that the world needs to hear.