Military Civilian Personnel Training: Administrative Management and Customer Service

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2 min readMay 27, 2024


Working in the military is not only about fighting on borders but a lot more than that. As the workings of military institutions are ever-dynamic, you should also know administration, management and customer service. This is a trick to survive the environment successfully.

Training programs are the best way to develop your employees’ skills. Based on your employees’ requirements, you should organize military civilian personnel administrative, management, or customer training.

Military Civilian Personnel Administrative Training

Administrative tasks keep the chain of work moving in every military organization. Military civilians need to manage personnel records or coordinate schedules seamlessly. To carry out their duties effectively and efficiently, they should receive military civilian personnel administrative training.

The administrative training includes the acquisition of skills, competencies, and proficiencies by the trainee, covering organizational management, communication skills, and time management. The training also includes knowledge of the most relevant software required.

Military civilian personnel administrative training increases operational efficiency and mission readiness as they get equipped with foundational skills.

Military Civilian Personnel Change Management Training

As military service is a highly unpredictable environment, management faults are common, such as introducing new policies, procedures and technology. The service has to grow and adjust to the dynamic nature of the policies, procedures and technology.

Military civilian personnel change management training provides tools and techniques for handling transfers steadily. The goal of the training programs is communication, partnerships, reinforced resilience and problem-solving skills. The training helps the civilian personnel to accept the change positively.

Military Civilian Personnel Customer Service Training

The basic customer service standards among military civilian personnel should be to have stringent and high-quality communication with the service members, veterans and their families.

Military civilian personnel customer service training emphasizes personal communication skills, empathy, active listening, and dispute resolution techniques. The training also helps the stakeholders of extended care and assists them with local peculiarities and challenges they might face.

Bottom Line

Military civilians should act according to the environment and requirements. This can only be possible if they are trained properly.

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