Are you investing your emotions in the right place?

Finding love can be one of the hardest trials that people go through it can cause so much pain, loss and moments of happiness all at the same time. It can drain you emotionally, physically and mentally but at the same time, train you to be a tougher person inside and out for the next chapter in life. We all know the typical ‘happy ever after’ scenario in some of the Hollywood movies which can seem impossible to attain. I, myself have faced many failed relationships and had to just pick myself up and dust myself off. Here are 5 points to consider;


I’ve learnt so far in life that you just, must surround yourself with positive loving people. By doing this, you are standing up for your dignity and soul. Easy said than done some might say, but after many mistakes and trials sometimes it gets to that point where you must change. Some take a trip abroad to get over their loss and some just take the negative energy and turn it into a positive change, a drive to succeed in something else in their life. Keeping them busy therefore keeping their mind off grief.


Where does one go from here? Taking a look at the New Testament book ‘Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good. 10 Be devoted to one another in love. Honour one another above yourselves. 11 Never be lacking in zeal.’ All these words are true and recently listening to a Tony Robbins video on ‘Most people give away their happiness’ he says’ If you live to light someone up and by lighting them up you light up it’s a done deal’ It shows you shouldn’t lack in motivation or Zeal for the one you love.


If you want to know what you’ll be doing this time next year, look at yourself now. In other words, make some changes so you aren’t falling into the same traps. Seek to value ourselves highly. We must find someone that is on the same path as us that loves us as much as they love themselves.


Guarding your heart is important and one way of doing this is spending your time wisely. Don’t invest your time with someone you don’t see a future with. I give a rule of 6 weeks. If you haven’t established an understanding by week 6 you had better stop talking to them every day for hours and hours. Spending large amounts of time with a person can produce feelings and attachments. So, it’s up to you where you go, is it this path of risk and possible heartache or obsession or is it the other road of friendship and understanding and possibly a relationship. The choice is yours. That old proverb ‘actions speaks louder than words’. Keep that in mind.


Another point, make your happiness. It is unfair to make someone the provider of your happiness, it should be you!

So, the question again to you is, are you investing your emotions in the right place, where they can gain interest, value and respect? Or are you wasting your time and energy in the wrong place with the wrong person?