What did you do in the Easter holidays?

For the Easter holidays I travelled to the South western part of Germany. After a picturesque train ride through the fairy-tale hills of southern Germany and the snowy topped Alps in the distance, I arrived at an old rustic style farmhouse. It was exciting to arrive at the get together not knowing what to expect with awesome days ahead to spend with friends. There were familiar faces and new ones with lots of smiles.

One of the highlights of the weekend was the 3–4 hour hike up a 1.835m mountain with a panoramic view of the Austrian Alps in the background. For those on kitchen duty, we took the cable car up and met them at the top. This event gave a test for some, of endurance and metal stamina through the cold, steep and cloudy surroundings. Possibly a lesson to learn that no matter how fast you try to reach your goal, it’s getting there that counts the most. The range of dishes reflected the international coverage of culinary skills and good taste. Such dishes included a chilli, vegetarian curry, various juicy and freshly wholesome salads including couscous (I still dream of), pasta and sushi, crumble, cheesecake and Hummus and a few more. Organization was key so a kitchen rota was set up for cooking and cleaning. The farmhouse contained two dormitories for the girls and two for the boys and several smaller rooms for couples attending. It wasn’t long before Rose used her mastery Barista skills and trained key people to use the vintage Italian coffee machine and before long we all were able to order cappuccinos, Americanos. Also, following alongside this Dan found he had a fantastic Knack for putting together tasty blends of tea and became rapidly in demand. Card games such as Peanuts/Nerts became very catchy with groups of 8 people at times. Mafia also became a favourite game during the weekend with much enthusiasm and exciting creative performances.

The weather extraordinarily started off cloudy and was able to allow a few campfire evenings but was followed surprisingly by a winter blanket of snow and soon people were clambering outside for a snow fight and a chance to build a snowman. All in all it was a fabulous trip and I will always have it in my fond memories banks.