Sweet sunshine and goodness

Awe, I feel love and gratefulness for these beautiful simple people in my life that spark my day with such a genuine smile. The spirit they exude is inspiring…I really wish I had more employees like this at the bar in town.

In 2012, a friend of mine and I built a bar on the beach in San Juan del Sur called Howler Bar. Many stories will come out of that experience, but today…I can only think of 3 out of maybe the 40–50 employees we went through had a similar spirit.

When you think about it, they make $10 a day, walk to work in the mud and have very little. They are not defined by what they earn, who they work for, how they dress, what they have or what they know or don’t know.

They are simply defined by the authenticity of their smile, their beautiful spirit and their ability to look past the gross contrast of the inequities of life and genuinely be a sweet ray of sunshine and goodness. I love these girls and hope to be on their level one day…

Maryluz and Nancy…I asked Maryluz today, to tell me about her mother and home life. Sadly in Nicaragua, 76% of kids grow up without a father.

She described her mother as a woman with just as much sunshine and a father that loved her.

Imagine that.

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