There’s Now a Study Linking Social Media to Depression.

Do you have a link to the original article? Curious, because I figured out recently, low self esteem is the root cause for social media’s wide spread success/addiction. Social media creates a constant stream of supplemental love that boosts low self esteem and acceptance. Not just a theory, proven by research that a little love via oxytocin is released from our brains (the love chemical) in high doses after just 15 minutes of social media.

On the same level of what’s released in a man’s brain on his wedding day, significant right?

I documented oxytocin and this phenomenon with references in junkie fashion zombies in a couple crack house - part2. Social media, consumerism, etc…all boost self esteem in the short term via oxytocin, hence we’re junkie fashion zombies until the self love and self acceptance is there at high levels. Then, no need to supplement a little love via social media, consumerism, etc.

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