The 7 Most Important Things I Learned From 1 Year Pedaling The World On My Own
Thomas Despin

Nice! Keep it up and go where the wind blows you man. I too did the lone wolf thing…I a few years of similar riding. I rode intense mountain bike adventures through the jungles from Nicaragua to Colombia and back many times, eastern Australia, solo…started guiding them for a while actually.

I get it.

Soulful powerful experiences, something about the suffering of the ride that clears the head and allows us to see and feel with more clarity. Reset our moral and life compass so to speak.

And of course the foreign environment, language and challenges they present are the ultimate tools of humility, self growth, practicing courage, perspective and realizing who we truly are, good or bad.

This is your rites of passage you’ve given yourself. Cheers to another lone wolf/mature grown man!

I’m pumped for you. Good luck!