The Lone Wolf and the Puppy Millennial Dog

Looking into his eyes is cause for hesitation. The quick flutter in the chest excites her, warns her and pleasures her as he loosely steps side to side, eyes locked on target…his limp, barely noticeable. But those eyes? They are cunning, alive, focused, present and on the cusp of making his move…played two, three, maybe four calculated moves ahead of hers.

The anxiety freezes the fox in her tracks and she just can’t shake the feeling that he knows her better than she knows herself.

Though clearly dangerous, she longs to be closer, to know more…Where did he come from? Those eyes?

She looks away for a moment of relief to return her glance to disappointment. A brief moment of visual submission and he slipped away.

He’s the lone wolf you see.

He can’t be duped by beauty or trapped by high expectations…he’s free, he’s dangerous, he’s wise and resilient.

He’s her perfect soulmate and most dangerous enemy.

She is tired and loathsome of the puppy millennial dogs, weak without acumen, confused and awkward, saying all the right things while blaming the wilderness for their miserable plight.

It’s the wild. There is nothing fair or unfair about it.

The fox knows it, the lone wolf embraces it and the puppy millennial dogs should know better with so much information at their finger tips while whimpering in defense to the unfairness of the wild.

If the puppy millennial dog would be a lone wolf for a few winters, he would come back with eyes of knowing, scars of courage, acceptance of self and a stronghold on the harsh wild he no longer fears, but now games. Soon, he’ll share the foxes den, hunt with other like-minded lone wolves and those eyes…those eyes will penetrate.

All this nonsense of life hacking and 10 ways to find your purpose through empathy and love has the lone wolf howling in laughter throughout the night.

You can’t hack your way there. You can’t read your way there. You can’t watch 239 Ted talks your way there. You gotta walk out into the cold harsh winter alone.

And if you do succeed, so what? You achieved the bare minimum. You survived.

That alone will unleash a powerful transformation of pain, suffering, perseverance and pleasure in the most powerful single moment of efficacy ever experienced. It’s a rights of passage to adulthood, awareness, maturity and responsibility of self.

Lone wolf‘n teaches how tonavigate the wild with grace and precision instead of tumbling down the snow drift life hacking your way to hypothermia.

The lone wolf, he learns early that one has to risk a good position for a better one. Early in his years, the risks were high; often times he failed tragically.

The day the bear crippled him 7 winters ago was the price he paid for the great transformation and pure wolf has been pumping in his veins ever since.

Now he is wise with acumen, confidence and self esteem…risks are low, the hunt is easier and the packs are navigated with a graceful limp.

It’s that resentful dependency that causes all the problems for the puppy millennial dogs, their dissatisfaction with the system, the rules, the expectations that are never met, what’s shared or not shared, what’s won and what’s lost and the perceived unfairness of the wild.

That perception of entitlement manifests from a life void of true suffering and survival.

Nothing is fair in the wild. A lone wolf doesn’t complain about it. He accepts the randomness, learns how to fight, how to survive it and eventually how to game it.

If one doesn’t find the courage to lone wolf it for a few winters, one will eventually freeze to death inside…A cute, frozen puppy millennial dog shaking his paws at the world rather than at himself.

Run to the woods alone; do it now before its too late. Through this process, without the community or goodwill of others, one learns the strengths and weaknesses of the wild, himself and gains the wisdom necessary to lead or become a relevant member of the pack.

Embracing altruism and dependency of others while blaming the evolution of culture, technology, the inequities of job opportunities, the unfairness of the distribution of wealth, health insurance, education costs, the news, the corrupt lawyers and politicians is what it isthe wild.

Wearing costumes in the name of fashion, growing beards that reveal true weakness, muscles to hide lack of mental strength, excessive consumerism masking the absence of social status and all of them, hiding behind custom tailored digital personas, begging for approval from anyone that will carelessly give that approval is the problem, not the solution.

The lone wolf is watching from the woods, snickering without empathy, yet secretly hoping for them all to find the courage to lone wolf it one day.

Courage, it’s not included. Practice courage, give oneself a rights of passage, depend only on oneself and kill the good boy, puppy millenial dog inside. Tear its head off and thrash it about violently.

Then maybe, one day the puppy millennial dog will find himself in a foxes den, belly full with a peaceful mind and purposeful heart gazing into the darkness with understanding. Eyes now cunning, alive, focused, present and on the cusp of taking action played two, three, maybe four calculated moves ahead of the darkness.

How- how-HOW-OOOOOOOOOOOO-ooooooooooooooooooooooo!

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