Before The Egg — Poem

We locked eyes before we locked lips, if we hugged hands were above the hips, her love I could only take in sips, like a warm stream of cocoa flowing down my asophogus.

But, it wasn’t always this way. Though this will leave some in dismay

There was a time where I loved her, but I didn’t love her.

To me, love is not only a feeling but a verb. And, there’s a difference between performing the action and saying the word. Many people say “I love you”, but usually mean I love the way you make me feel. And if you stop making me feel that way I will no longer love you.

Now, this leads to a debate:“Which came first, chicken or egg? Do you have to ‘love’ before you start ‘loving’? Do you have to be dating before you get a gift? Does she have to reciprocate before you listen?Is it too early to start holding the door?”

I don’t know which came first chicken or egg, but I beg to differ on love before loving. See before they were hugging she drew him a picture. Before she said I love you he walked her to class. Before the daughter could speak the Mom sacrified for her, see love is the opposite of simple math. 1 + 1 is not 2, because together each of you are larger than you could ever be alone.

There will be so much confusion seeing love as this sparatic illusion.

But, just like happiness we don’t feel it by chance.

We can’t mistake love with whats happening in our pants.

So many are afraid to say I love you as if it were a limited source, maybe that’s why we see so much divorce. 50%, that’s one half…if I do the math…you get 1.2754 over something’s wrong.

But, we just sing tothe same radio songs as if they were the ultimate truth. As if the chorus was going to drop some omniscent knowledge that would be the best of use.

There are many toxic feelings but false love is among the worst, so tell the world what you intend to do, but show them first.


~Speak Light

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