Close Your Eyes (part 1) — Poem

Look in my eyes before you look at my clothes, hear my voice before your opinion is chose

Feel my heart before you decide who I am, because what you find out may leave you saying:

“Damnnn, I thought I knew this girl. I thought I knew this guy. But, beyond their appearance there is a more significant prize”

Not only the sense before your eyes, but the taste, the smell, the stories that person’s laugh can tell.

Sight is just one sense no more important than the others, in this family of endowment we’ve favored the little brother

To truly see we must first close our eyes, minimize looking out and begin building inside

Count our blessings one more time. See with our heart for the first time.

Often, we pity those who are blind. But, they have a sight that is more divine Their eyes may be blind, but their heart has perfect vision

Let’s remember that time we cried not because what they looked like, but how we felt

Life is a pair of pants if we let love be our belt we can:

No longer look at her butt, rather her brilliance

Not his color, but his character

Not their weight, but wisdom

Not how hot, but how much heart

Before we can marry the truth we must divocrce these lies. And, redefine beauty as truly being alive.

~Speak Light

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