Just Friends — Poem

Last night, I pressed like on your picture, but I felt something more

Something that goes further than any picture I can adore. Like honestly I don’t even wanna score or waste money on a nother drink for us to pour

See this world can be a horror movie. But, I was shaggy and you were scooby

Now the gang wants to split up, and it’s like to just be friends we need a prenup. The funny thing is you’re not the one I want to marry

Not here to pull your teeth I’m no fairy, don’t need to see you naked trust me I’ve seen enough Harry

Potter movies to know that girls have cooties, but I’ll admit I’ve looked at your booty…

Meaning the treasure in your eyes and I’ve stared at your thighs everytime we got KFC. Thinking “Would she let me…

take a dump in her bathroom?” Of course, I’d turn on the fan. Secretly knowing it’s all apart of the plan for me to perform ONE LAST NAKED STAND.

I’d swing open your door, drop my pants to the floor, look you in the eyes and say:

Will you put this rash cream on my lower back?

Last night, I pressed liked on your picture, but I felt something more

~Speak Light

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