Step Back — Poem

Have you ever opened the fridge to get a snack but you couldn’t see it so you had to take a step back?

Or have you frantically searched for that thing you couldn’t find to realize it was on your head the whole time?

This leads me to believe there are certain things in life that we don’t see, not because they aren’t there but our perspective says how life is supposed to be:

“People are just evil, I don’t deserve any better, ill never find anybody, this world is cruel, spongebob, you have rectangle pants.”

I’m not here to debate whether these are true, but ask:

Does your perspective empower you?

Have you been so close to the picture that you’ve missed its beauty? Been so busy you traded in love for cruelty?

Have you decided that: “Life is a war and everyday is a battle, it’s a crazy ride on the back of a saddle!”

Or is it a dance. Where you glide locking eyes with your magnificent dream, no matter how chaiotic circumstances may seem…

Life can move fast but if we step back we can make it a little slower. We can open that frdige door and see the right snack, realize this whole time our hat has been on our head.

Though we’re in a fish tank we can remember there’s an ocean. This singular thought maybe our token to freedom. Let family and friends know that we need ’em, though it’s been weeks, months, years.

Come face-to-face with fears, get a piece of paper and make our vision clear. Breathe…slowly and know that love is always near.

But hey I’m not here to debate whether these are true, just ask:

Does your perspective empower you?

~Speak Light

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