Girls in Bangladesh

I just posted some of these pictures on the Speak Up page, and was contemplating how beautiful it is that many of my friends from different countries, faiths and backgrounds are coming together to serve the poor through our Girls Education Program.

Sadly, some of my fellow Americans might not welcome these 6 young Muslim girls into our country; some American politicians blithely talk of bombing predominantly Muslim countries, casually ignoring civilian casualties; and some who, like me, claim to follow Jesus, falsely claim that a large percentage of Muslims are terrorists or have ill-will towards the USA.

To me, these girls and their families, and the friends like them that I’ve known in Yemen and Syria and across the Muslim world, are the face of Islam. Just normal girls — these ones quite poor — who need a bit of a helping hand to reach their dreams. And as they break out of poverty, as they reach their dreams, the world will be a more peaceful, prosperous place for all.

Thanks today to my many friends who, across religious and cultural divides, humbly choose to invest their time and resources in serving the poor. Come to Bangladesh and meet my friends; it might just change your life. And the world.

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Originally published at on March 3, 2016.