I Took Control of my Biological Clock at Age 30
Aidan Madigan-Curtis

This is something I thought about for a couple of years, before finally proceeding with the procedure last year at the age of 35. I always thought cost was the biggest prohibitor (I live in the UK – my investigations showed the procedure would cost around £9–12K) so I got creative and investigated other options. My family lives in South Africa, I came here for a couple of months for family time-out and a career break and had the procedure done for under $3,500. The facility I went to was extremely professional and I can’t recommend them enough. And hey, if it means having to come back here when I’m finally ready to thaw my eggs… I can’t think of anyone being averse to spending a couple of weeks in the Stellenbosch winelands whilst going through such as emotionally and physically stressful time :)

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