SPEX Token: Unveiling Its Vital Role in the Ecosystem

2 min readSep 13, 2023

The SPECIEX token (SPEX) lies at the heart of the SPECIEX ecosystem, serving as a versatile instrument that powers interactions, transactions, and participation across our platform. SPEX token is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), harnessing the advantages of speed, scalability, and security.

SPEX plays a pivotal role in various aspects of the ecosystem:

Medium of Exchange: SPEX facilitates seamless transactions within the NFT Marketplace, SWAP, and upcoming Metaverse.

Access and Participation: Holding SPEX grants users access to the ecosystem’s features, promoting engagement and utility.

Governance: SPEX holders will have the power to shape the ecosystem’s development through voting on proposals and decisions.

SPECIEX Tokenomics

Overview of the tokenomics for the SPECIEX token (SPEX)

Token Name: SPECIEX

Token Symbol: SPEX

Blockchain: BEP20 (Binance Smart Chain)

Total Supply: 1.5 billion SPEX — Check here

Circulating Supply: Check here

Utility: SPEX serves as the primary utility token within the SPECIEX ecosystem. It empowers users to seamlessly participate in various ecosystem activities, including:

a) Engaging in transactions within the NFT Marketplace and Metaverse.

b) Accessing platform features, services, and products.

c) Participating in community governance and decision-making.

d) Staking to earn rewards and contribute to network security.

e) Fueling interactions, fees, and incentives within the ecosystem.

Burn Mechanisms: No burn mechanisms are implemented for SPEX tokens, ensuring the stability and integrity of the token supply.

Token Distribution & Allocation

The SPECIEX token distribution is carefully structured to ensure a balanced and sustainable ecosystem:

SPECIEX Token Allocation & Distribution

Promoters & Seed Funding: 10% — Initial support for project development and growth.

Development & Technology Team: 10% — Incentives for the dedicated team behind SPECIEX’s innovation.

Airdrop & Bounty: 5% — Rewarding early adopters and fostering community engagement.

Community Staking: 55% — Empowering the community by enabling staking, ensuring network security and participation.

Growth & Strategic Partner: 5% — Nurturing partnerships and expanding the ecosystem’s reach.

Advisor & Analyst: 5% — Expert insights and guidance contributing to SPECIEX’s strategic direction.

Strategic Reserve Fund: 10% — Planning for contingencies is prudent. SPECIEX Token sets aside 10% as a Strategic Reserve Fund.

The unique tokenomics of SPECIEX, combined with its community-driven approach, create a dynamic and sustainable environment where token holders actively contribute to the platform’s growth, security, and evolution.




Speciex Ecosystem is created to develop decentralized exchange, NFT Market place and Metaverse Platform.