When did design become a job?
sana rao

I recently attended this Utopia vs Dystopia small design conference ( https://a-d-o.com/design-academy/utopia-dystopia ) and left feeling much more inspired. Also talking with current ixd sva students has been great for being inspired. It’s hard though to keep up thinking both about the possibilities and the practicalities of design. We both work so much more in the practicalities of it, which stretches the brain in a different way. And having the regular work has left us with time to explore the non design things too (I’m right there with you on reading & painting :) ).

I’m trying to pick up a personal project that can involve the playfulness, criticalness, and examination of the possibility in regards to design. But its hard to get started when the hours are squirreled away on weekends and evenings. Maybe if we hold an accountability club? Virtual tea some time?