Attention app designers! Ready to make your life easier? The new Specly app is available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play.

Introducing Specly — Powered by Intersect

Today, the Intersect team is excited to announce the launch of a new app we created. Introducing Specly — an app birthed out of the desire to make the hand-off of design specs from designers to developers more accurate.

Think about it: a team is given the task of creating an app. This team typically consists of both designers and developers who view the process through different lenses. …

We’re making it easier for designers to communicate with developers.

Introducing Specly — Powered by Intersect

If you’re an app designer or developer frustrated by the constant back-and-forth over small design elements, we created an app that increases efficiency and promotes better transparency and collaboration in the app development process.

At Intersect, we specialize in delivering mobile and IoT solutions to businesses that want to get ahead… aka we build a lot of apps for companies. But of course, that experience comes with its fair share of challenges. …


Specly is a mobile app for designers and developers — rendering design specs in a way developers can understand! 👓📲 Powered by Intersect.

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