I Hate Writers Block

The first test of every writer

I haven’t written an article since April. This isn’t something I planned or wanted. Afterall, I love writing. But the problem with writing, is the necessity to come up with something to write in the first place. You see, I could’ve literally put words together and released an article called “Sup guys”, and call it a day.

But I love my readers to much to stoop to BuzzFeeds level.

So what happened? Very simple(but not really), I got a horrible case of writers block.

Random Headliner 1

Writers block extends to more than just coming up with the concept of your writing, but rather, how you also plan to execute your entire story.

For example, I knew I was going to write an article about writers block but I had writers block in determining the format of the article and what I truly wanted to speak about.

Eventually you start to form the pieces for your post together and ideas start flowing. But then you reach a point where you’re unable to finish the article in what you determine is “acceptable”.

Random Middle 1

Ok, so you have your story from beginning to end going so far, but what happens when you get to that point where you stay questioning what’s the point of the article? Or maybe, you start to slack off again cause there’s just something missing.

In writing this article, I was lost in what was even the point of me writing. Would people truly go out of their way to tell me my writing is changing the world? Probably not. Sometimes we need a little push to keep going. For some, it could be as simple as going on a trip to calm the mind from distractions. For me, it’s discovering a fan who so admires your work that you understand there is someone who’s rooting for you after all.

The key is to find your medium(pun intended) that’ll guide you and push you back in the right direction. So your thoughts go from, “does my writing even matter, to lets get this post finished!”.

Random Ending 1

It took me 5 months to get to this point. Truthfully, writers block was one of the few reasons why my writing took a backseat for sometime. After going through the process of rediscovering my writing and trying to find my writing subject speciality, I realized, the best writing happens to be the most random writing.

After you’ve finished writing, editing, and finding your medium to keep going, you finally get to the point where you simply need to publish your story. It’s not a simple task and some people might find it’s the hardest part.

Did I edit everything correctly?

Do I need to rethink my story to see if it even matters?

Maybe I should hold off for another week to see if I feel OK with the story?

My advice? Just publish the damn thing. Do as Kanye West had done with The Life Of Pablo(his recent album) and edit the album(post) as people are listening(reading) to it. When you start getting your medium claps, and bookmarks, you’ll immediately forget about this stupid nonsense known as writers block…. Until you get it again. But then, you should also know how random and exciting writing can be.

P.S. Thank you to everyone who’s read all my articles to this point and haven’t given up on me returning. I also want to thank my biggest fan. You know who you are Monkey 🙂.

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