Lady and A Tramp

The Nix: A Norwegian house spirit. A ghost that finds a person, comes to them in a moment and follows them for life. It is representative of that one instant when life slips sideways and never recovers.

Mary arrives to her office after dropping off her kids. When she decided that she wanted a desk closer to the bathroom, it was so her time spent there was limited as to not affect her work, she hoped for a promotion after all. Sometimes, being an administrative assistant makes her want to find better pastures. She couldn’t see herself as one to be led by anyone as she was more commanding in general around people, except for one.

After a morning of spreadsheet data mining for her boss to work on bringing client references, she had decided to go on her first break of the day.

Her breaks consisted of outdoor views and cigarettes to let off the edge she’d have at the half an hour before noon. Since she was a professional, she had to make sure she didn’t smell at all in front of potential clients. Sometimes she misses the freedom of an outdoor job where only her free self would thrive in a harsh reality. But at the end of the day, she knew she couldn’t let herself be free, simply for her children’s sake.

Lucy is an up and comer. Working hard to reach this point in her life where school is no longer her pride and joy but more of an obstacle to true happiness. Sometimes, she misses the thrills of people in school and the school environment being a rebellious place. But to be honest, she just misses being ahead of the game.

She was the daughter of a police officer mother and teacher father, so her life was tragically set to be strict almost instantly. As is the case with most daughters of strict parents, she decided to do the opposite of what she was told. Start getting poor grades in college. Sleep with every man in her campus. Force naive rich men to buy her things for her love.

Thankfully, she soon had a final interview at a business that she felt she truly belonged in. A business where she could use her rebellious attitude without feeling like her parents may possibly get in her way. She was an adult now and this was the only way to prove it.

“I’m the new girl”, says Lucy as she eyes up her new boss.

“Every penny it seems”, Mary says as she begins on ideas for how to use her. “Is this something you really want to get into? There are plenty of other places I’m sure a college girl like yourself could find yourself in.”

“You’re right. This is obviously not my top pick of places an average person would see themselves grow in their career, but I’ve never been one to follow tradition”, Lucy replies.

“I don’t know how much you really know about me but—”, Mary begins as Lucy cuts her off.

“I know you had to start somewhere to be this close to the man running this place. I know it wasn’t nepotism or an act of friendship that led you to this place. Maybe you didn’t arrive here as a college student but as something else entirely.”, Lucy takes a breath as she looks at the photo of Mary’s children.

“Maybe you enjoy the pay or at least your kids do.”, Lucy looks back at Mary “but either way, you decided this for yourself, same as me.”

Mary gazes at Lucy as she begins thinking of herself at her age. She can’t even remember her own as it took her years to reach this point. It always does for someone in her specific role.

“Lucy, welcome aboard then. Let me get you your work outfit.”

Joel knew he struck gold with having Mary as his assistant. After seeing her work in action for sometime, the role he offered her was practically a steal for her.

She had to grow past this at some point, she’s no longer a foot worker, but instead a real Lady of stature.’ Joel thought as he looked out his window to see the new girl trying out her new work outfit.

At this point, he trusted Mary enough to know that her choices were to simply help his business the same way he’d helped hers those many years ago.

Meanwhile after speaking with Mary, and trying out her new outfit, Lucy believed for the first time in her life, she had a path in life. She knew what she wanted and how to get there. It would be a matter of time before she would lead this place altogether.

Lucy looks at Mary, “How do I look?”

“Like someone who knows what they’re doing”, Mary responds, almost sarcastically. “You remember the main aspects of the role correct?”

“Yes, but something tells me you don’t believe me” Lucy responds firmly.

“I have all the confidence in the world in you, wouldn’t have hired you if I didn’t.”, Mary responds in almost a whisper, “Again, are you sure this is what you really want? It’s not an easy pass and it’s a risk all around.”

“You did it before I did and now you have a husband, children and a good life. So yes, I’m sure I want this.”, Lucy retorts.

Mary claps her hands together. “Well ok then! Welcome to Lady and the Tramp! Since this is your first night, don’t worry about the total sales”

Joel watches as Lucy walks out the door in stride with the full confidence that she knew what she was doing. “That was a work of art honey”.

Mary is a little surprised to see her husband still at the office this late. “Hey you, didn’t know you were still here. We should probably head back to the kids. It’ll be nice to have a mother and father home past midnight for once.”

The married couple, who seemed happy in each other’s arms, decide to grab a quick bite to eat as they did around this time of the night, one last time for old time sakes. The late dinner calm before the night schedule working storm.

As they stroll away from their little office apartment and into they’re car which was formally their office, Mary takes one last look at their office sign Lady and the Tramp. She may not have that much pride in her work anymore but she was proud that her years of experience helped her come up with the name.

It just so happened to be her stage name she’d given her husband when he found her off the street those many years ago. Where she moved on from a tramp and became a lady.

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