On the Bus to Campinas!

I am literally typing this from my phone as I ride the bus from our airport hotel in Guarhulos (north of São Paulo) to Campinas, where I will be living and working for a month. I have unlimited high speed data in Brazil through T-mobile and so far it seems to be working pretty well though like anywhere some areas have better reception than others. But for example the medium app which I am using to post this blog was downloaded on my phone while riding the bus. My phone works just fine in Brazil with no modifications. It’s amazing how much the world has become more connected since the last time I was in South America 10 years ago (I went to Peru in 2007). That was before the age of smart phones so I went to Peru with a vintage flip phone and only had it on hand for absolute emergencies since the cost of using it for a text or phone call was formidable. Now everyone has a smart phone and all of us in our group of 12 are on WhatsApp and exchanging pictures and messages all day long. Our organizers also use it to quickly disseminate messages to the group like for example today to tell us that the bus departure time had changed from 11 to 10. As an extra measure they had the hotel front desk call our rooms but by then everyone had already heard from their smartphones. Even the bus driver is using a smartphone GPS right now to navigate.

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