Band Experience Plays a Decisive Part When Hiring Them for Your Wedding

When choosing a live band to perform at your wedding reception, the first question to come to your mind would naturally be “how much do they charge?” Of course, it is important to take the cost of hiring into consideration but if your selection is based entirely on price — not event experience, music timeline, expansive playlist, attention to details, etc. — you can make a lot of expensive mistakes. “You get what you pay for” is an old adage that is particularly true in the music business.

What could go wrong, you ask? Suppose you decide to hire an inexpensive music band for your wedding. You sign a contract and put down a deposit, but you do not feel certain of the size of their playlist or even their professionalism, for that matter. A few weeks ahead of the reception, you discover that they split up. The deposit will be reimbursed sooner or later but what about the stress of finding a good music band for a wedding that late in the planning process?

string quartet wedding

For this reason, you are better off looking for a band with years of experience performing at weddings, not a cheap one. You can be satisfied knowing that you have hired wedding entertainers who know what they are doing, are a well-known business and will assuredly be reliable.

Now the question is — how can you tell whether the band is experienced? Many people (on the Internet and in magazines) will tell you to attend (even crash) a wedding to look at the band perform live. Of course, this is not the ideal thing to do. You can easily verify any band’s experience from looking at recommendations and referrals from their previous clients, their work attitude, on-site video, audio demo, etc. If you have an experienced band that has successfully appeared on stage at hundreds of weddings, with the references and videos to back it up, there is no need to look at them at someone else’s wedding.

After you have found the right music entertainment option for your wedding, entered into the contract and paid for their services, an experienced band — whether it is a string quartet wedding band or a jazz wedding band — will be playing songs explicitly for you and your guest’s tastes in music.

Choosing a live music band is a big decision for your big day. Knock down the anxiety and hire an established business that knows what they are doing, so you will not waste any valuable time feeling uneasy!

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