Tips from the country’s most interesting tour guide

Photo: Tony Anderson/Getty Images

Why are people sometimes so unspeakably boring? Here’s a secret: They aren’t. You just have to be interested in what they have to say. I’ve learned this during my years as a cult-favorite (hey, they say it, not me) tour guide, documentary subject, and story spinner. And I know that with a few guidelines, anyone can create interesting, dynamic conversations.

Being a tour guide doesn’t mean that I’ve always found talking to people to be easy or natural. Here’s how I think of it: I once heard an interview with musician Elvis Costello in which the prolific songwriter explained that…

Speed Levitch, writer & tour guide//films include “The Cruise”, “Waking Life”//travel show: “Up To Speed” on Hulu//book: “Speedology”, 2002

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