5 Simple rules to make your knowledge and skills visible at workplace


Have you wondered in spite of your best knowledge and skills you do not make a cut into front line leaders? Maybe along the way you started doubting your . And you probably started thinking that you need to go for a course. Hold on for a while on your decision. You may not lack leadership.Research has proven that there are some basic factors that may be hampering your competence to get known to the world. Read my earlier posts (Part-I, part-2 and Part-3) to know more about it.

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In that article I have highlighted that how you can use 5 simple rules to make your knowledge and skills visible at workplace.
In summary, acquiring competence in something may mean that you might be ready to go into real-life situation. Remember:

  • By mastering your skills you gained confidence as you do something several times. You need to be good in something in order to exert your leadership.
  • By integrating knowledge and skills nicely, you differentiate yourself. This is key differentiator for the leaders. They have learned the art of integrating knowledge and skills into one.
  • By displaying a winning correct attitude, you differentiate yourself. Attitude plays a very important role how your abilities get noticed as competence and make other believe in your abilities. Great attitude makes the great leaders.
  • And with correct mixture of right abilities with right attitude, you demonstrate your competence. That’s how others build confidence in you that you “CAN DO”! Once you build other’s confidence on your competence, you automatically moves into leadership zone where other people start following you.

In conclusions, if you want to be a great leader, you just have to integrate your knowledge and skills in a way people can see it as abilities and then you need to use a winning attitude that transforms these abilities into a visible competence everyone can develop confidence upon.
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Raman K. Attri is a Training Transformational Consultant, Learning Strategist and Researcher with rare experience in shortening time-to-proficiency of employees performing complex jobs at complex organizations. Strong believer in personal performance as the starting point of any world-class leadership, he developed a scientific model Personal Resonance© to achieve peal personal performance and self-leadership. Additionally he helps trainers, learning specialists, instructional designers and training professionals with articles on proven techniques to transition successfully into training and learning management role.

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