Zest to know yourself in absolute: A professional challenge

In one of my research, I asked participants “tell me about the greatest struggle of your life which has never left your mind even for a second”.

Participants responded with range of answers ranging from impression on others, daily livelihood to balancing work life balance. Guess what turned out to be the biggest factor?

The majority of participants responded that understanding themselves was a non-stop struggle for them which they thought they had mastered but in reality they did not. Isn’t it strange?

Years after years you live your life and the only struggle that continues is a zest to find yourself, explore yourself and understand your motives, drives, motivators and knowing your true potential.

In my subsequent research another factor also came in picture — “understanding others”. When ranked, we found that ‘understanding ourself’ is the biggest challenge for majority of the professionals. Every day is a new struggle for them and every moment reveals something new about them.

Several professionals I met during my research encounters indicated that they have put lots of efforts on trying to know themselves. As most of them quoted, at one point, things appeared to them to turning really clear and they felt that they have gotten the handle on it. They moved forward with this newly found realization about themselves which continued to work its charm for few months and sometimes a couple of years.

And then this thing happened!!!

These individuals reported that they started getting fuzzy about themselves. They felt that their last ‘feel’ about their reality appeared to hold no good anymore.

And…then they were on the hunt again. Hunt for their true self. Trying to explore and find their true inner personality one more time!!

Yes, it happens. The reason is that professional and personal world is flooded for innumerous number of tools and techniques, each analyzing different aspect of an individual’s personality or behavior (thanks to variety of management gurus). The issue is that each of these tools gives you understanding about your personality, behaviour and emotional reactions from different lens. The extent of your own understanding depends on the tool you are using and the lens you are holding.

Would you go and use all the tools one by one to know yourself? Probably not. You are a job holding professional who needs to know yourself comprehensively to perform a better job and align it with the meaning of life. You need something which stays absolute in its meaning.

Have you taken DiSC self-assessment? This is powerful tool explores your behavioral reactions to the work. However, this is not absolute. This is relative and situation. As you move on to new job or environment, your DISC profile will change. And then it is a new struggle for professionals to find themselves one more time.

Is there a way to get absolute and unconditional static understanding about you? Something which tells absolute facts about yourself that you don’t have to get fuzzy feeling about yourself again and again. This is one critical struggle professionals have faced for years. Irony is that we do not understand how critical it is to know yourself in absolute terms. Most of you may be racing with the crowd trying to chase something, achieve something, prove something and in this race you might be losing the personal meaning of what you do.

Do you feel same way? Do you need help in knowing absolute truth about yourself? You want to know about yourself absolutely which stay true and static throughout your life. You do not want to go back to your self-analysis every now-and-then and find that you have moved on to wrong track in your life or career.

Believe me. You do not want to change yourself. Trust me. You really do not want to transform yourself. You want to do everything by being what you are. Not by being someone else. It is poor thing that management / leadership / self-discovery tools out there in the market emphasize ‘transformation’. Do you really want to ‘change’ yourself? Or you want to be more effective in what you do today?

If this is the challenge you have, then stay tuned to me. My personal goal through this blog is to take you out of such situational and endless loop ‘knowing yourself’. Rather I want to give you a research-based proven tool “Personal Resonance” which will help you find the meaning of your life. Helping you to connect back to your dreams, passions and desires while still making best use of your skills and experience.

This is what PersonalResonance© is all about a comprehensive analysis of goal of your life. Your motivators. Your passions. Your Fuel. Your desires. Your needs. Your experience. Your best skills. Your meaning.

Stay tuned to knowing you.


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Raman K. Attri is a Training Transformational Consultant, Learning Strategist and Researcher with rare experience in shortening time-to-proficiency of employees performing complex jobs at complex organizations. Strong believer in personal performance as the starting point of any world-class leadership, he developed a scientific model Personal Resonance© to achieve peal personal performance and self-leadership. Additionally he helps trainers, learning specialists, instructional designers and training professionals with articles on proven techniques to transition successfully into training and learning management role.

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