How Do You Know When You Are Falling In Love?

How Do You Know When You Are Falling In Love?

How does a person know that they are falling in love?

Are there signs that you can notice that you are in love?

Here are my Top 10 Signals To Tell If You Are Falling In Love

1. You keep thinking about that person all the time. All your thoughts are filled with the happy moments that you two had spent together.

2. Everything that you do or say reminds you of them. You will try to relate anything that you do in daily life with the memories associated with them.

3. You will start paying more attention to the way you dress and how your hair is styled.

4. You will start spending less time with your family and friends and more time with them. Even after spending many hours with them you will still feel the need to spend some more time with your loved one.

5. Even when you are surrounded by other people your thoughts are occupied with them. You might be less attentive to what other people are saying or doing as you seem lost in your thoughts.

6. Your heart starts beating faster or you are tongue tied in their presence.

7. You want to know about their likes, dislikes and everything else related to their life.

8. You start feeling that they are the most attractive person in the world and no one matches to their looks and charm.

9. You start becoming possessive about them and would not like to share their time with anyone else.

10. You start feeling that all your life revolves around them and look forward to meeting them daily.

These are just some signals that you are falling in love and experiencing one of the most beautiful feelings known to mankind.

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