Episode 4: An Old Foe

Leaving Dizzy, Lukas, Tyger and Lee on board the Schism to oversee its repairs, the rest of Infernal Scourge headed for the Hellmouth.

Having just passed through the Anchor of Light, they stopped and hid behind some rocks as they overlooked the area surrounding the Hellmouth. “Shit, looks like the Hive have been busy since that recording you guys heard.” Said Luna. There was a huge green dome-shaped energy field around the Hellmouth itself, also a lot of heavy Hive movement dotted around the area, and 3 new buildings had been erected. Yves produced a pair of binoculars from his inventory and studied the scene. “Ok it looks like that energy field is being powered by those 3 buildings.” he said as he pointed out that there was an energy beam streaming out of each of the buildings’ roofs that connected to the overall energy field. Suddenly they heard gunfire and saw a smoking sparrow, driven by a wounded guardian, who heading for the hellmouth. Upon impact with the dome, the sparrow blew up and a thrall quickly seized the guardian’s dead ghost. With it, it ran through the energy field and down into the Hellmouth. “Ok so it’s pretty apparent that only Hive are getting through that energy field. We’re going to have to take it out.” Said Yves. “Right!” agreed everyone.

“Alright I’m going to sneak around to the far right one and infiltrate that facility myself using nothing but invisibility and my Bolt Caster.” said Yves. “Ooh! I can do that too! I’ll use my vanish in smoke and MY sword to do the left one!” said Autumn, almost jumping on the spot with excitement. “Why don’t Jigsaw and Fadz get up in the cliffs and snipe any enemies that try to run in on Yves and Autumn?” proposed Allan. “Yeah that’d probably work, but what about the 3rd building?” Luna queried. “Leave that to us!” Replied Wolf who was standing next to Wombatt with her Hard Light pointing in the air against her shoulder, looking smug. “Guys, we have to be careful coz hacking these buildings will probably trigger some alarms or some shit.” Yves cautioned everyone. “Ok then in that case guys, wait until you're all in position at the consoles and then hack them simultaneously.” Speedy suggested. “Good idea treacle! The rest of us will get ready to ambush the Hive when they respond to the alarm.” said Marco. “Ok guys lets do this!” Said Airium, pumping his gun into the air and moving towards a rock cluster in line with the middle building. With that, everyone headed off to their designated positions.

“Ok Jigsaw, I’m in position outside the right building, can you snipe the knight outside the door?” said Yves on the comms. “Yeahhh Jigsaw, can you!?” Fadzy teased. “Shut up” replied Jigsaw as he sniped the knight between the eyes, leaving a pile of body parts on the ground. “Yeah Fadzy can you do the same here please?” asked Autumn. “Mate, I got dis!” He replied, sniping his knight through the ear as it turned away, leaving a second pile of body parts on the ground. With that, Yves and Autumn both headed through the doors of their buildings. Meanwhile, the 3rd building was manned by a knight major. Wolf sniped it in the head from in front, and while it turned to face her, Wombatt flew in from the side and shoulder charged it into a 3rd pile of bones. The 2 of them fist bumped each other and ran inside their building. Inside, it was dark and hard to see, but with the light of their ghosts, the three of them had no difficulty traversing the building. At the back of the room, there was an opening in the wall which revealed a ramp that went down into the ground leading into some sort of cave. Down there, they headed through the cave slowly and hesitantly. It was a straight tunnel surprisingly, and at the end they could see a lit up diamond shaped room with a console in it. The consoles had wires running from them up through the roof of the cave. There was a monitor with the SIVA symbol on it.

“Ok I’m at the console guys.” Autumn whispered into her ear piece. “Yep, we’re in position.” said Wombatt. “Guys this was too easy…” Yves whispered. “The hive outside don’t seem to be aware of your presence. They’re still just patrolling the area.” came Marco’s voice. “Ok everyone, let’s bring this energy field down!” said Autumn. Autumn, Wolf and Yves all set their ghosts to work on hacking the consoles. For a while, nothing happened. Then all of a sudden the 4 of them heard a strange voice echoing around the console rooms. At first it was muffled and indecipherable, but then after a loud screech of interference it was as clear as daylight.

“WHAAAAT ARE YOU DOINNNG!? SKRULL, NARKIR, MULNORE WHERE ARE YOU!?” It was a haunting voice that chilled everyone to the core, even those outside who were hearing through the comms. Suddenly the monitors flickered with a bright white light and a face could be seen in between the flickering light. Then a small black spherical device ascended from the control board of the console and spun around rapidly in mid air. After a second or 2, the orb spat out a bright light and projected a 3D hologram of the face in front of each of the consoles. The face struck fear into all of the 4 people inside the rooms. It was a knight with a luminous blue and green colour to it. Despite the red wires and the parts that were now metal, the face was unmistakable. “OH SHIT, IT’S CROTA!!!” Yelled Wolf. With that, Wombatt smashed the orb with the back of his gun, ending the transmission on their end. Yves’s and Autumn’s transmissions ended with a demonic roar from Crota. Suddenly the buildings went into lockdown, trapping Autumn, Yves, Wolf and Wombatt inside them. And then an ear piercing alarm sounded all around the Hellmouth. “HERE THEY COME!!!!” shouted Marco. Wave after wave of spliced acolytes emerged from the Hellmouth, along with around 15 spliced Knights, exactly 6 spliced Wizards and 3 spliced Ogre majors.

Autumn ran to the door of her building and banged on it to no avail. It was not going to open with force. Suddenly her ghost’s light switched off, making it pitch black. ‘There is a heavy presence of darkness around this room now. I can’t seem to produce any light.’ The ghost informed her. She could hear skittering coming from all over the room behind her, sometimes it was louder than before and then it would go quiet again. “Guys I think something’s In here with me…” She nervously whispered. She listened attentively, trying to figure where it was coming from and what exactly was making the noise. She pulled out her arc edge and gel it close to her, ready to attack at any moment. Without warning, the room fell silent. ‘It’s stopped!’ Her ghost said as it scanned the area in front of them. “Autumn are you alright!?” Speedy’s voice bounded through her ear piece. She emptied her lungs with a long exhale of relief. “Yeah, whatever it was, seems to have- AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!”

End of episode.

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