Episode 2: The Monarchy Calls

In the tower, several hours earlier…

“So they didn’t give us any details as to what this is all about? Just summoned us without reason?” Speedy pondered. “Yeah literally mate, but the message came from Beasty, so we know we can trust it” answered Marco. “Beasty… It sure is handy that his rank and reputation with the Monarchy earned him a job within their ranks. Who knows what kinds of discounts and benefits the clan will be able to gain from this?” said Speedy with a smile on his face.

“How about a paying job?” Marco and Speedy looked up to see Beasty standing before them, dressed from head to toe in New Monarchy robes. “BEASTY!!” Marco and Speedy shouted in unison. “Executor Beasty for your information!” Beasty corrected them with a wink. “Y’alright guys?” “All gravy, how’s you treacle?” Answered Marco, while Speedy nodded in agreement. “Yeah I’m doing great thanks guys, it’s great fun supplying guardians with the New Monarchy gear, not to mention I get a major discount on all of it too.” he said with a smug look on his face. “That’s epic news bro!! So what exactly is this all about?” asked Speedy. “Ah, yes.” Beasty folded his arms into his sleeves and walked off to glance over the railing at the edge of the tower.

“Some blueberry scouts of the Monarchy have reported some strange Hive activity at the hellmouth. Something about Thrall taking salvaged tech down there, and the surface being heavily fortified with Acolytes and Knights, even the occasional Wizard floating about. But here’s the really interesting part. One of the scouts found a dead guardian there and managed to retrieve their dead ghost, which contained a recording of the last few moments of the guardian’s life.” Speedy and Marco glanced at eachother and then back at Beasty as he turned around a produced the ghost from his pocket. “Listen to this.” He played the recording.

*heavy fast breathing* ‘i followed the Thralls down there to see what was going on… They’re taking the strange tech through the abyss, but it’s crawling with… Things! They’re not Hive, they’re… Machines! I managed to get away but-’ *mechanical Thrall screech* ‘SHIT, they’ve found me! Shit, shit, shit, I can see the surface! I did it! I’m out! I’ve gotta get back to-’

“The next few seconds you don’t want to hear…” Beasty said as he stopped the recording. “The New Monarchy wants to send a strong team down there, and I’ve managed to get you guys the job.” “Nice one bro, when do we start?” asked Speedy impatiently. “Well they said ASAP, so I guess now?” Beasty chuckled. “Alright, Speedy, I’m gonna round everyone up! You get the Schism set up and ready to get to the moon!” said Marco. “Sweet, let’s do this! And Beasty… Thanks for this bro! You come back soon, ya hear?” “You know it guys! Good luck!”

Back on the Schism, present time…

“It wasn’t supposed to be like this…” ‘guardian down’ No sooner had Zom finished his sentence than the thralls had all jumped upon him.

Back in the hangar, Luna was still going ham with the hammers and was joined by Marco, Airium and Allan who had all also gone hammers. Together, they managed to defeat the army of Spliced Hive, with the assistance of Fadzy and Jigsaw who were sniping from a ceiling walkway. As the last ogre died, it fired one last rocket from its mouth which was too fast for Airium to dodge. The explosion consumed him in the blink of an eye. ‘Guardian down’ Before they got the chance to catch their breath, another Tomb ship was pulling up outside the breach, readying the dispatch of more enemies. A huge wave of disbelief swept across the remaining guardians as they watched the bridge extend from the Tomb ship towards them. “Defensive positions guys!!” yelled Marco. “Please, come on, please…”

End of episode.

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